Crucifixion and Lamentation

Carved text about the crucifixion
  • Location: Churchyard
  • Time: 2:50pm
  • Performers: Lincoln College Medieval Society


Jesus – Liam McDowell
Soldier 1 – Antje Carrel
Soldier 2 – Bond West
Soldier 3 – Emily Clarke
Soldier 4 – Maryann Pierse

Off-Stage Help

Stage and Costumes/Props Manager – Alexandra Plane
Rehearsal-space-lender 1 – Lincoln College
Rehearsal-space-lender 2 – Pusey House
Source of Funding – Vivian Green Student Assistance Fund

Summary of the Play

Four soldiers undertake the gruesome and difficult task of pinning Christ on a cross in which the holes have been bored too far apart. By pulling his limbs while discussing the details of their workmanship with a fair amount of complaints, they reveal to the audience the hard conditions of their labour without paying much attention to the subject of their work, Christ, who lays himself down on the cross and endures his plight without objection. After much effort in lifting up the cross and dropping it upright in the mortice, Christ’s words concerning “all men that walk by way or street” invite the audience to face their own implication in the Crucifixion as they look up to the crucified Christ.

About the Performance

“Realising that there were a few medievalists gathered at Lincoln College, we started having dinners in Hall and wondering how we could communicate our shared passion for the long Middle ages – from Old Norse sagas and Anglo-Saxon texts to fifteenth-century Middle English literature. The ideas of forming a dramatic society, which we affectionately call the Pinners, came to mind. We look forward to performing in the Oxford Medieval Mystery Cycle and we hope that this will be the beginning of a new tradition for medievalists at Lincoln College to jointly share their interest in the Middle Ages.”

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Oxford Medieval Mystery Play: Crucifixion and Lamentation

Performance Locations

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    Chapel - 12noon

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    Well - 1:20pm

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  4. Annunciation & Visitation (Cuddesdon)

    St Edmund Statue - 1:50pm

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  5. Shepherds (English Faculty Students)

    Churchyard - 2:20pm

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  6. Crucifixion (Lincoln College)

    Churchyard - 2:50pm

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  7. Lamentation (Italianists)

    Churchyard - 3:15pm

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  8. Harrowing of Hell (Medieval Germanists)

    The garden east of St Peter-in-the-East - 3:30pm

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  9. Resurrection (UCL)

    Tomb behind Church - 4pm

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  10. Judgement (St Edmund Hall)

    Broadbent Garden - 4:30pm

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