Second Shepherds’ Play

A rehearsal of the Shepherds play
The Shepherds play in rehearsal
  • Location: Churchyard
  • Time: 2:20pm
  • Performers: Oxford English Graduates (@engfac)


Shepherd 1 – Alexander Bridge
Shepherd 2 – Kathryn Peak
Shepherd 3 – Rowan Wilson
Mak – Eleanor Baker
Gill – Rebecca Menmuir
Angel – Sigrid Koerner
Mary – Cosima Gillhammer
Lamb – Florrie

Costume – Sigrid Koerner
Props and Set – Heidi Mannikko

Summary of the Play

On a cold winter’s night, three shepherds complain of the state of the world whilst their flocks wander around them. Their musings are rudely interrupted by the arrival of Mak, scoundrel and robber, who convinces the shepherds to let him stay with them for the night. As they sleep, Mak sneaks off home to tell his slovenly wife Gill that he plans to steal a sheep. Together they plot that Mak will bring a lamb to Gill who will pretend to have just given birth to a baby boy. Mak successfully secures the sheep, but the shepherds are keen to pay him a visit and check his house for the missing lamb: hilarity ensues. After the episode at Gill and Mak’s house, the play returns to a more sombre mood, the shepherds hearing an angel’s song and spotting a bright star in the sky, which they follow. The shepherds meet the baby Jesus and Mary in a devotional mirror of the farcical scene in Mak and Gill’s house.

About the Performance

“As a play requiring a great deal of messing about with a sheep, we had to find a suitable stand-in for the real thing. This arrived in the shape of Florrie, a lovely (and rather sheep-like dog) walked by our very own Gill (Rebecca Menmuir). Our favourite aspect of the play has been incorporating our animal friend into our diverse cast of medieval literature Master’s and DPhil students, and making sure that our comedic play still finished on an emotional and touching high.”

Watch Performance

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Oxford Medieval Mystery Play: Shepherds

Performance Locations

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  1. Creation & Fall (Iffley Players)

    Chapel - 12noon

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  2. Noah (English Faculty Staff)

    Old Dining Hall - 12:40pm

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  3. Abraham (Magdalen College School)

    Well - 1:20pm

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  4. Annunciation & Visitation (Cuddesdon)

    St Edmund Statue - 1:50pm

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  5. Shepherds (English Faculty Students)

    Churchyard - 2:20pm

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  6. Crucifixion (Lincoln College)

    Churchyard - 2:50pm

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  7. Lamentation (Italianists)

    Churchyard - 3:15pm

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  8. Harrowing of Hell (Medieval Germanists)

    The garden east of St Peter-in-the-East - 3:30pm

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  9. Resurrection (UCL)

    Tomb behind Church - 4pm

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  10. Judgement (St Edmund Hall)

    Broadbent Garden - 4:30pm

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