Shakila – Law

What do you like best about your course?

The best thing about law at Oxford is how in depth you go into all the papers you study. Even though we have slightly less choice in terms of additional options, this means that for the ones that we do study, we go into much more detail than you would at another university. In tutorials you are constantly challenged and encouraged by your peers so it enables you to strengthen your own arguments and remain open minded. It is never dull because of how wide ranging the different subjects are. Finally, because it is quite literally real life and the cases are real life situations it makes it feel as if what you are studying is really important and that is really rewarding.

How is your subject taught at Oxford?

You will usually have one or two tutorials a week, for which you have to write an essay for each respective tutorial. There is usually a reading list you need to work through for each tutorial which comprises cases, textbook reading and academic essays and you use all this reading to write you own essay. As well as this there are also lectures which are good for reconciliation especially when it relates to your reading that week.

What advice would you give potential applicants interested in studying Law?

You should read around whatever subject you are applying for but reading is particularly important for law because of how reading is such a huge component of the degree. I would recommend reading books like ‘Letters to a Law Student’ and ‘What About Law?’ to give you an insight into what studying law is like and whether it is for you.

What is life like as a student here?

Life as a student is really great – the rest of my law cohort is really supportive and always happy to help which is really reassuring. Because Teddy Hall is quite a small College with loads of students you get to know everyone really well. Being fully catered in your first year is great because it means that you don’t have to worry about cooking, and the food is really good too!

What sort of extra-curricular activities are you involved in at Oxford?

Within the College I sometimes play college netball and am also the JCR Ethnic Minorities (BME) Officer. I am also a Student Ambassador so I help out with tours when schools visit the College.

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