Information for Current Students

Room Ballots

Please download the Student Room Ballot Procedures here for full details of how the ballots are run.

For photos of various rooms, you may find it helpful to take a look at the accommodation image galleries and floorplans in the College Life section of our website.

Maintenance Fault Reporting

The College is committed to maintaining its rooms and buildings in a safe and attractive condition. You are encouraged to report any faults as soon as possible. You can do this in three ways:

  • Email, giving brief details of the problem and remembering to mention exactly where it is.
  • Call or email the Lodge (tel 01865 279000,, which is staffed 24 hours a day

A call-out system is in operation so that emergencies can be dealt with whenever they arise.


If you lose your key, please see this document which gives details of who to contact (which varies depending on where you are living).

You can find our key and electronic fob policy (S004) here. This gives information about how the College will manage the key and electronic fob access requirements of St Edmund Hall, and members’ responsibilities regarding safety and security.

Please note that all College key fobs need to be kept updated. After 30 days, the fob will expire if it has not been used on an online door. To get your fob working again, simply go to one of the online doors: the metal gate and wooden doors in the Lodge; the Forum (Late Gate) turnstile and side gate; or the main doors at the St Edmund Hall Guesthouse, William R. Miller (Dawson Street) or Norham Gardens. Hold your fob on the reader. It will flash blue to update, then turn green and open when finished. If your key still does not work after this, you will need to call into the Lodge.


The machines in the laundry at Queen’s Lane and our accommodation annexes are now managed by Circuit. You will need to download the free Circuit app (search for ‘Circuit Laundry’ on Google Play or the Apple App Store or find further information here) to pay for and use the machines.

Fire Safety

Fire safety and awareness is the responsibility of all students and staff, and you are therefore required to observe the list of safety precautions below and support the college in ensuring that these are not breached. If you are using any of the prohibited items listed below this must stop immediately.

  • Candles in rooms
  • Non college issue heaters/fan heaters
  • Kettles/slow cookers in bedrooms
  • Misuse of kitchen appliances, such as items being put into toasters other than bread, items being put into kettles other than water.
  • Exposed wiring on electrical items in rooms
  • Overloading of adaptors

Fire Doors that are held open electronically must not have their closing function inhibited – i.e. do not prevent them from closing securely by putting wedges in the door, or any other item. All other labelled fire doors must remain closed and not be propped open. No smoking in rooms.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

If you have a disability that prevents you from quickly and safely evacuating from your room or any other location of the College if there is a fire alarm, please contact the Domestic Bursar to complete and agree your own Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP). This will ensure that assistance is in place to maintain your safety in an emergency. PEEPs will be held by the Head Porter.

Vacation Grants Scheme for Undergraduates

1. Students taking University examinations which fall outside full term

Those students taking University examinations (including language oral examinations) which fall outside full term, and who live in College accommodation, will receive an automatic Vacation Grant in the form of a battels credit for vacation room rentals, as follows:

(i) for examinations in 9th and 10th weeks, a credit from the end of term up to and including the night of their last examination; and
(ii) for examinations in -1st and 0th weeks, a credit from the night before their first examination to the start of term.

Students do not need to apply for this Vacation Grant, as it will be assessed automatically.

2. Students revising for Final Honour School examinations during the course of the academic year

Those students taking Final Honour School examinations (including language oral examinations), regardless of the student’s year of study, who wish to stay in their College accommodation during the Christmas or Easter vacation immediately preceding such exams, will be charged only 50% of the prevailing Full Term rate for such stays. (For accounting purposes, such students will be invoiced for the full amount but will receive a Vacation Grant in the form of a 50% battels credit.) Students do not need to apply for this Vacation Grant, as it will be assessed automatically.


TV Licences

Please remember that if you are watching live TV (even on services such as All4, SkyGo and YouTube) or watching live or downloaded content on BBC (including iPlayer) you will need a TV License.  This applies to TVs, laptops, mobile devices, etc.  Your Internet access while in College is recorded, and the College’s communal licence does not cover you to watch this content in your room, so you must get a license if you intend to watch licensed content.

For further information, see the official TV Licensing website.

Questions about Accommodation at Teddy Hall

If you have any questions that are not answered by the information on this page, please contact our Accommodation Manager, Belinda Huse, on or by calling in to the Bursary.

Information about accommodation fees and charges