Disability Support

St Edmund Hall is committed to providing equality of opportunity for people with disabilities. The College makes continual improvements to the experience of students with disabilities, including recent projects to improve physical access to its buildings.

Students are encouraged to get in touch as soon as possible regarding any disabilities that may affect their academic study or College life, so that any necessary provision can be put in place. You may also find the information on our Examinations page useful, regarding the provision of alternative arrangements for exams.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

If you have a disability that prevents you from quickly and safely evacuating from your room or any other location of the College if there is a fire alarm, please contact the Domestic Bursar to complete and agree your own Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP). This will ensure that assistance is in place to maintain your safety in an emergency. PEEPs will be held by the Head Porter.

The College’s Disability Contacts are:

Disability Lead: Domestic Bursar (domestic.bursar@seh.ox.ac.uk). The Domestic Bursar has strategic oversight of the College’s provision for disabled students, and is also the primary contact for disability matters which relate to accommodation or physical access to College spaces.

Disability Coordinator: Melody Njoki (college.registrar@seh.ox.ac.uk). Melody is the primary contact for ongoing study and examination arrangements.

Students are also encouraged to contact the University’s Disability Advisory Service for specialist information and support.