Degree Transcripts

How can I obtain a transcript?

The University of Oxford issues official academic transcripts for students who began their studies on or after Michaelmas Term 2007. On-course transcripts can also be obtained from the University.

Upon completion of your degree, a transcript will be sent to you automatically using the ‘home address’ stated on Student Self Service. Please ensure you update this address before you leave Oxford.

On-course transcripts and additional copies of transcripts can be ordered directly from the University. Visit the Student Gateway for more information. Current students can also print an enrolment certificate through Student Self Service if you simply require evidence of your attendance at Oxford.

I began my studies before Michaelmas Term 2007, how do I obtain a transcript?

The College Office can produce a certified statement of results, either stating the class achieved in each Public Examination (older records usually lend themselves to this), or a breakdown of the marks in each paper.

To request a certified statement of results, please complete this form.

Please note that the request should be made by you, not by a third party (except for recognised pre-employment screening agencies, who will ask you to sign an authorisation before they contact us).

How can I obtain a degree certificate?

Degree certificates are issued by the University, not by the College, and are available only after the degree has been conferred at a degree ceremony.

Information about degree certificates and degree confirmation letters (if you have not conferred your degree at a ceremony) can be found via the Student Gateway.

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