Careers Term-by-Term

The University Careers Service's term-by-term poster

The University Careers Service has a huge range of talks, workshops, appointments and events available, to the point where it can be a little overwhelming to know what to take advantage for! Fortunately, the Careers Service have produced a term-by-term breakdown to demonstrate what is available throughout the academic year.

Use the tabs below to view the guidance for the current term.

Download the term-by-term poster

Michaelmas Term

Hilary Term

Trinity Term

  • Keep on track academically and invest enough time to do yourself justice in finals or any exams
  • Keep an eye out for graduate schemes reopening with additional places
  • Many job opportunities available all year round so don’t worry if you are not yet sorted
  • Explore job and internship opportunities that are still available on CareerConnect
  • Careers Advisers are available to support you through the summer if you need them