Graduation Ceremonies

I am a current student; can I sign up for a degree day?

Undergraduates and postgraduate taught students who complete their course and receive their examination results after June 2022 will be assigned a date for their degree ceremony. Research students will be offered dates for their degree ceremony once they have been granted leave to supplicate.

What degree ceremony dates are available?

Please see Degree Ceremony Dates for availability

The University has given the College a set quota for each graduation ceremony. You will see that ceremony dates are dependent on the degree to be conferred. Currently, 2022 finalists will have from Midday on Tuesday 15 February 2022 to 11.59pm on Thursday 24 February 2022 to book their place via Student Self-Service.

Research students and students who receive an invitation to book only on being granted LTS (BTh, those on modular courses, etc) will still be able to book on up to 30 days before a ceremony.

I am a historic graduand; can I sign up for a degree day?

The postponement of degree ceremonies in 2020 and 2021 caused by COVID-19 has caused a backlog of students who still need to confer their degree at a ceremony. The backlog is being addressed for 2021 leavers who still need to confer their degrees and for students who had their ceremonies postponed.  If you finished your degree before June 2020 then you are classed as a ‘historic’ graduand. While we are addressing the backlog of students caused by the pandemic, we are only able to add historic graduands on to a waiting list.  A place cannot be guaranteed at this stage.  Please contact for further information.

However, should you wish to confer your degree (or an MA) in absentia please contact for an Application Form.  Bookings for degrees to be taken in absentia must be received no later than 30 days before a ceremony is due to take place.

How many guest tickets am I allowed for the ceremony, what do I need to wear, and is there a celebration in College after the ceremony?

About a month before the ceremony is due to take place, all candidates due to attend will be emailed Practical Procedures information which will include a timetable for the day, information about the correct academic dress to be hired and the in-college celebrations taking place.

Two guest tickets per candidate will be issued. Candidates can request more ceremony tickets by contacting  if they want to be put on a waiting list to be considered for extra tickets.  However, we cannot guarantee that spare tickets will be available. Very few (sometimes only 1 or 2), if any, become available, so candidates should not assume that they will get extra tickets.  The College will only know how many (if any) spare ceremony tickets are available once the tickets are physically received from the Degree Conferrals Office approximately a week before the ceremony is due to take place. Any spare tickets will be reallocated on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date that the candidate made their request known to the College Office according to the waiting list held. Candidates will be informed by the College if they have successfully been allocated more than 2 tickets.

The College can only permit up to three guests to the in-college celebration in addition to the degree candidate, due to catering arrangements and space. We understand this may be disappointing but unfortunately these are the numbers the College has to work with. We are sorry, but even if you are successful in gaining extra ceremony tickets, you will still only be able to bring up to three guests to the in-college celebration.

How will I receive my degree certificate?

Degree certificates are only issued once you have gone through a degree ceremony (either in person or in absentia). Candidates attending a ceremony will receive their certificate from the Dean of Degrees on the day of the ceremony. Candidates taking their degree in absentia will be sent their certificate by post after the ceremony has taken place.

Information about degree certificates, or obtaining a degree confirmation letter (if you have passed your examinations but have not yet had your degree conferred at a ceremony) can be found via the Student Gateway.

Change of details

Current students will be able to change their details, cancel, re-book, or choose to go through in absentia up to 60 days before the ceremony is due to take place. The booking system will close 30 days before each ceremony.

If you are a historic graduand conferring a degree in absentia, please inform the Dean of Degrees’ Secretary ( of any changes to your postal address, email address or any other details from those you initially stated on your application form.

Can I cancel a degree ceremony booking?

Current students can cancel their degree ceremony booking up to 60 days before the ceremony.

Cancellations less than 60 days before a candidate’s degree ceremony date will result in the candidate being presented ‘in absentia’ on the original date, unless their cancellation is due to exceptional circumstances.

For further information about degree ceremonies, please contact the Dean of Degrees Secretary on 01865 279010 or

Graduands, guests and staff attending should be aware that graduation ceremonies are regarded as public events. Names, colleges and degrees of graduands are published in the graduation programme. Audio and visual images of the ceremony are publicly available via the sale of personalised videos of the ceremony.