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A Biochemistry student in her room
A Biochemistry student studying in her room

We welcome enquiries from Visiting Students interested in studying Biochemistry at St Edmund Hall. The course is normally taken from the first or second year of the Oxford undergraduate study programme.

Tutorials could be offered in the following topics:

  • Basic Cell biology
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (DNA replication, DNA repair, transcription and gene expression)
  • Chromatin structure and function
  • Cell division and cell cycle

Your Tutors

  • Professor Lars Jansen is a molecular geneticist with a PhD from Leiden University, the Netherlands. He then trained in human cell biology at the University of California, San Diego and spend 10 years at the Gulbenkian Institute for Science in Lisbon. He joined the Department of Biochemistry in Oxford in 2018. His lab focuses on understanding chromatin structure and function in human cell systems.
    Lars has a broad interest in molecular and cellular biology with a specific focus on molecular genetics. Lars shares his expertise through lectures on Cell Biology at prelims and aspects of chromatin structure and chromosome biology in 2nd and 3rd-year courses. Additionally, he offers a broad set of tutorials in basic cell biology and the fascinating areas of molecular genetics that include: DNA replication, DNA repair, transcription, gene regulation, chromatin structure and function, epigenetics, chromosome biology, and the cell cycle.

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Visiting Students

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