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Below is the list of available course choices for Mathematics visiting students in 2022-2023, broken down by term and year of study. The numbers following each course name represent the number of lectures for each course.

When completing page 3 of the application form, we recommend choosing 16 (resp. 8) lecture courses as primary (resp. secondary) course choices. Since it is expected that the tutorials will cover more material than 16 (resp. 8) lectures, for a secondary subject, 16 lecture courses can also be chosen. This list is not definitive, but major changes are unlikely and will be updated quickly.

Michaelmas Term (Autumn)

  • Linear Algebra I (16)
  • Geometry (16)
  • Analysis I: Sequences and Series (16)
  • Probability (16)
  • Introductory Calculus (16)

Hilary Term (Winter)

  • Linear Algebra II (8)
  • Groups and Group Actions (8)
  • Analysis II: Continuity and Differentiability (16)
  • Dynamics (16)
  • Fourier Series and PDEs (16)
  • Multivariable Calculus (16)

Trinity Term (Spring)

  • Constructive Mathematics (8)
  • Groups and Group Actions (continued) (8)
  • Analysis III: Integration (8)
  • Statistics and Data Analysis (16)

Michaelmas Term (Autumn)

  • A0: Linear Algebra (16)
  • A1: Differential Equations 1 (16)
  • A2: Metric spaces and Complex Analysis (32)
  • A8: Probability (16)
  • A11: Quantum Theory (16)

Hilary Term (Winter)

  • A3: Rings and Modules (16)
  • A4: Integration (16)
  • A5: Topology (16)
  • A6: Differential Equations 2 (16)
  • A7: Numerical Analysis (16)
  • A9: Statistics (16)
  • A10: Fluids and Waves (16)
  • ASO: Integral Transforms (8)

Trinity Term (Spring)

  • ASO: Group Theory (8)
  • ASO: Graph Theory (8)
  • ASO: Number Theory (8)
  • ASO: Introduction to Manifolds (8)
  • ASO: Calculus of Variations (8)
  • ASO: Projective Geometry (8)
  • ASO: Special Relativity (8)
  • ASO: Modelling in Mathematical Biology (8)

The detailed synopsis, as well as some course materials can be found here. During Trinity Term we may be forced by the limited number of courses lectured to offer courses that are not lectured, turning them into essentially reading courses. Under exceptional circumstances, we may also offer Part B/C (years 3/4) courses.

Dr Tom Crawford is the Organising Tutor for visiting students and will undertake the teaching duties where possible.

He also runs a popular YouTube video series which prospective applicants may find of interest.

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