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Snowdrops outside of the St Edmund Hall Library.

A Day in the Life at Teddy Hall Library

4 May 2022

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Teddy Hall Library celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022

9 Feb 2022

Using the Library to celebrate and showcase St Edmund Hall’s own Women in Science.

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Alexandra Troubetzkoy (1910-1994) Front Quad in Snow (1966)

Teddy Hall at Christmas

7 Dec 2021

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By-Elections, 1821 Style

23 Nov 2021

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Dr Lee of Lambeth

Teddy Hall’s self-proclaimed Bishop of Dorchester

13 Oct 2021

A recent arrival in the Hall Archives is a scrapbook on the life of Dr Frederick George Lee, Aularian and Victorian “character”. He was a clergyman, an antiquarian, a Jacobite and the founder of the Order for Corpor…

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The Old Library with scaffolding on its roof

‘For books in the Library’ or the uncertain fate of £10: An account of donations by Francis Cherry and Henry Partridge

16 Jun 2021

‘For books in the Library’ or the uncertain fate of £10: An account of donations by Francis Cherry and Henry Partridge

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Sidney John Smith Newspaper clipping about his death in action during WW2

Remembering Aularian Sidney John Heath Smith

11 Nov 2020

I would say at the majority of enquiries that I get relating to the Hall Archives are from family historians; one of the many that I found on my return from furlough related to an Oxford man, who had come to the Hall in 1938 bu…

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The entrance of St Edmund Hall with the inscription of Saint Edmund, Light of this Hall

Whose Hall is it Anyway? Annotation, Mutilation and a Mystery in our copy of 'The History of the University of Oxford'

4 Nov 2020

Annotation, Mutilation and a Mystery in our copy of The History of the University of Oxford

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Brancaster Staithe from Barrow Common

Update: A Coastal Mystery No More

24 Jun 2020

When the blog on the Hall’s painting by Edward Seago was published last month, I received numerous suggestions for its location.

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Print by H Goson of Oxford running from the plague in 1630

‘The same Sad Calamyties’: Oxford in a time of Plague

2 Jun 2020

One of the things about being a more than 700-year-old institution, as Teddy Hall is, is that we have faced many trials before. This is not the first time the Hall and the University have had to cope with the effects of a deadl…

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Working from home setup of College Assistant Librarian.

Don’t Stop! Your Reading! Hold on to that Fielding!

13 May 2020

Our Assistant Librarian, Sophie, updates us on the lengths the library team are going to ensure as comprehensive a service as possible is provided during ‘the weirdest Trinity Term most of us can remember’

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Seago Painting of the English coastal landscape

A Coastal Mystery

6 May 2020

One of the best loved pictures in the college’s art collection is a coastal scene by the English landscape artist Edward Seago. However, despite many suggestions, the precise location of the scene is unknown. Can any…

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Holman Hunt May Morning on Magdalen Tower

A May Morning Portrait

1 May 2020

On one day in any given year (other than this), tens of thousands flock to the roads and gardens surrounding Magdalen College, Oxford, at six o’clock in the morning to hear the choir sing.

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St Edmund Hall's Chapel and Old Library

340 Years of the Chapel and Old Library

19 Apr 2020

At the start of this most odd of terms, it’s nice to be able to celebrate something – the birthday of the Chapel and the Old Library.

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St Edmund Hall Copy of Uni statutes

You Shall Not reveal the Secrets of It: The St Edmund Hall Copy of the University Statutes of 1634

19 Feb 2020

A rather guilty pleasure whenever I have to fetch a book from the Old Library is to examine those on either side on the shelf, which is how, when looking for one of the early catalogues of the Old Library last summer, I first c…

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Student searching for book in St Edmund Hall Library

RE: Search

12 Feb 2020

How much do you know about how to find things in the library? Do you know your section like the back of your hand? Do you do your browsing in person or on SOLO? Do you stick to your reading list like a baby sloth to a tree or b…

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Flagon - college Silver at Teddy Hall

A History of Teddy Hall Silver

29 Jan 2020

During John Mill’s principalship, students were encouraged to leave to the Hall either a book for the library or an item of silver.

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Diagrams of snowflakes from Hooke

Johannes Kepler on Snowflakes or what to give someone who has everything

4 Dec 2019

As Christmas approaches I find myself again, as every year, wondering rather desperately what to give friends and family. This is also the dilemma that led to the writing of one of the rarest examples of early scientific writin…

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Tryptich in the Chapel at St Edmund Hall

Triptych – our connection to the medieval Hall

20 Nov 2019

The college is fortunate to own a late medieval triptych which, after a number of years hidden from view, has returned to permanent display in the Ante-Chapel. The triptych originates from the southern Netherlands and dates fro…

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King Arthur & St Edmund

King Arthur & St Edmund: An Exhibition Summary

5 Nov 2019

Partly for the challenge. One of the fun things about putting together a display of books in the Old Library is thinking of ways that different books, and their illustrations, bindings, annotations and previous owners illustrat…

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Mason's Bill for Bogg House

Charity begins at home

14 Oct 2019

Rob Petre, College Archivist at St Edmund Hall delves into life into the oldest record at the Hall.

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Peter Farmer's Coppellia, Birmingham 1995

The Art of Ballet: The Peter Farmer Collection at Teddy Hall

12 Jun 2019

Professor Jonathan Yates, our Picture and Chattels Fellow, discusses the College’s collection of works by esteemed ballet and set designer, Peter Farmer.

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Inset of John Speed's Map of Oxfordshire

'Neat and commodious': Some views of Teddy Hall and Oxford

5 Jun 2019

Librarian James Howarth discusses some of the images of St Edmund Hall and University from the College’s collection

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The so-called Oriel Fathers of the Oxford Movement – Manning, Pusey, Newman, Keble and Wilberforce – but Manning was a Christ Church man.

"Pusey's Henchman": a Tractarian at the Hall

29 May 2019

Archivist Rob Petre discusses Henry Parry Liddon’s time as Vice Principal of the Hall from 1859 to 1862.

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No book rest for the wicked

15 May 2019

What happens when a group of teenagers are let loose with 17th century books?

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The top half of the Morris Window in the College Chapel

The Morris Window

30 Apr 2019

Professor Jonathan Yates, our Picture and Chattels Fellow, discusses one of Oxford’s ‘hidden gems’ – the ‘Morris Window’ situated in the College’s chapel.

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Eleanor Roosevelt

The First Lady and the Library: Eleanor Roosevelt and St Edmund Hall

9 Apr 2019

Learn about Eleanor Roosevelt’s visit to the Hall sixty years ago, plus James Howarth guides us through some American-related items in our library collection.

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A very honest, modest, & ingenious Man: Francis White and the Benefactors’ Board in St Peter-in-the-East

12 Mar 2019

St Edmund Hall’s Librarian James Howarth tells the story of Francis White and his legacy across the University and the city.

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The Supper at Emmaus by Ceri Richards

Ceri Richards: Supper at Emmaus

27 Feb 2019

Learn about the commission of our striking altarpiece, and the genesis and development of the picture, in a post by Professor Jonathan Yates.

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Alfred Brotherston Emden

Principal Emden: ‘the force that did what had waited 700 years’

13 Feb 2019

Archivist Rob Petre explains the huge impact of Alfred Brotherston Emden, without whom the College would likely not exist today.

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