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Cover of Theater Programme for Israel Zangwill's play

Melting Pots, Salad Bowls and Kaleidoscopes: Unpacking Metaphors for Multiculturalism

20 Feb 2024

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The team watch the sunset over the dunes.

Climate research in the Kalahari Desert: the KAPEX field campaign

9 Feb 2024

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Detail of frontispiece illustration of 'Le Secretaire des Dames', Paris, Desnos c.1772 (Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal)

A Soldier’s Bivouac, Incense for Marguerite, and Gambling Debts. Eighteenth-Century Fugitive Poetry and Everyday Note-Taking

16 Jun 2023

Eighteenth-century ‘poésie fugitive’ was produced, published, used, and reused in a wide variety of ways; a series of almanacs bound with a notebook shows its proximity to everyday life.

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Determinisma nd englitenment by ruggero Scito

Determinism and Enlightenment: the collaboration of Diderot and d’Holbach

24 May 2023

Ruggero Sciuto’s Determinism and Enlightenment: the collaboration of Diderot and d’Holbach is the April volume in the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series.

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A picture of a utility-based crystalline silicon solar panel array

The Inevitable Energy Transition

10 Mar 2023

Our current insatiable appetite for energy has had direct ramifications on geopolitical tensions and triggered current and future climate disasters. It is only a question of time until we move towards sustainable and renewable…

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The evolution of the universe, if we could see it from the outside

How to find holes in the universe

28 Feb 2023

We cannot study the shape of the universe by looking at it from the outside. Many other mathematical settings also show this lack of an outside view. Geometry and Topology allow us to get our head around shape from an entirely…

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Crossing the Alps in the Renaissance: German immigrants in northern Italy

21 Feb 2023

During times of war, religious tension, and political strife, people and goods still made their way across the Alps into northern Italy. Connections traversed geographical and social boundaries as people from all walks of life…

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Making and receiving impact in Nepal

28 Oct 2022

When I considered projects in my application for the Matt Greenwood Travel Scholarship, I worried I might not fully embrace Matt’s gifts of adventure, courage, and concern for others.

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Habiti d'huomeni et donne venetiane, con la processione della Serma Signoria et altri particolari, cioè trionfi, feste et cerimonie publiche della nobilissima città di Venetia.

Papering over protest in sixteenth-century Venice

15 Jun 2022

Historians work on sources, but what can the absence of sources tell us?

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Rhys Thomas

Impacts of New Health Information on Health Behaviours

8 Mar 2022

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An artist's concept of how other habitable rocky planets in the universe might appear

What has Earth’s Magnetic Field Ever Done for Us?

16 Feb 2022

Is a magnetic field an essential criterion on the planet habitability list?

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Rewiring the Brain

2 Feb 2022

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What is the most popular Christmas song of all time?

What is the most popular Christmas song of all time?

13 Dec 2021

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Team in Northwest Kenya in April 2021

Uncovering invisible rivers in Kenya

21 Jul 2021

Some of the largest rivers on Earth are in the sky. Around the world, great streams of water vapour flow a few hundred metres above the ground while remaining invisible to people living below. These rivers play a fundamental ro…

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Is it Unjust for Multinational Corporations to Pay Taxes to Corrupt Regimes?

22 Jun 2021

In this short blogpost, I consider the issue of tax and corruption in the international tax arena.

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A bug’s life: a route to sustainability

9 Jun 2021

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Cells Diagram of biological and Sim cells

Microbes and the Biological World

2 Jun 2021

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Greenland icevap

No veil of uncertainty at COP26, please!

25 May 2021

The UK will be hosting the next UN Climate Change Conference this year, and we need to ensure the policymakers are fully onboard.

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Professor Paul Matthews

What starts Alzheimer’s disease?

19 May 2021

Alzheimer’s disease may start with a  “…. toxic interaction between microglial genetic susceptibility, aging and a long-term unhealthy balance of blood fats in the body”.

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The Future of Finance

12 May 2021

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Descartes goes to Hollywood

5 May 2021

What possible connection could there be between the philosopher René Descartes, androids, zombies, and Hollywood? More than you might have originally thought.

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Reconstructing d’Holbach

28 Apr 2021

Begun in 2018, Digital d’Holbach will provide the scholarly community with the first critical edition of the complete works of one of the most important thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment.

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Vaccine Development by Dr Jack Tan

Developing a Next Generation SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

23 Mar 2021

Discussion on the need for and research leading to a next generation vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 capable of targeting multiple variants.

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A fluorescently labeled image of endometrium

Understanding Endometriosis

15 Mar 2021

Endometriosis is one such condition, affecting an estimated 1.6 million women in the UK alone and 190 million worldwide.

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The Poet's Mistake Book Cover

Reading Gone Awry

9 Mar 2021

We’ve all done it—used a word incorrectly, believing it means one thing when it really means another: saying “disinterested” when we mean “lacking in interest,” or “prostrate…

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DNA strands double helix

What Will Genomics Mean for You?

3 Mar 2021

The first human genome was sequenced nearly 20 years ago, but what impact will this have for you? Understanding the information in our genes is already helping to decipher the molecular basis of rare diseases.  Now genomic…

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Are European Universities Building Alliances as Rhizomes?

24 Feb 2021

Using the concept of rhizome to examine the newly-established European University alliances and their influence on the formation of European students and re-formation of the idea of University.

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Late Roman building known as the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom)

Modern Politics, Medieval Monuments in Turkey

15 Feb 2021

Over the course of its 1500-year history, the late Roman building known as the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) has served as the setting for many ceremonies, religious, political, and more often than not, a combination of the two.

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Harley Gospels

God, Gold, and the Gospel of the Poor in the Early Middle Ages

10 Feb 2021

Throughout history, the Church’s relationship to the poor and the powerful has been full of contradictions.

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Spanish Amber under a microscope

How to Link Palaeontology with… Cosmetics?!

3 Feb 2021

Find out more about the unexpected scientific connections in this research entailing minute enigmatic structures preserved in 100-million-year-old amber.

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