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St Edmund Hall Centre for the Creative Brain

The Centre for the Creative Brain at St Edmund Hall was launched in October 2014 with the aim of fostering links, dialogue and collaboration amongst the students, staff and friends of St Edmund Hall. 

The Centre brings people together from a wide range of disciplines, providing a forum to provoke thought and dialogue about how our understanding of neuroscience can impact on all aspects of our lives, and how insights from other fields can enrich our study of neuroscience.

The Centre hosts an annual symposium showcasing the highest quality international speakers at the interface between neuroscience and literature, fine art, philosophy, ethics, music and sociology. In addition, there are termly events to bring people with an interest in exploring these questions together in informal ways explore the role of neuroscience in creativity.

Anyone with an interest is welcome to attend. We encourage members and associate members of all three common rooms (JCR, MCR and SCR) within the College, non-academic staff, former students, and friends of the Hall to become involved.

Our Inaugural Symposium was a huge success - see here for more details.  

Upcoming Events

The Centre organises regular, usually termly, events that are always aimed at a general audience and are free to attend. Details of these will be advertised here as soon as they are confirmed.

Find out more about our previous events.


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If you have any queries about the Centre for the Creative Brain please email:

Charlie Stagg:

The Centre has been set up with the active support of many Fellows in St Edmund Hall. We have a cross-common room inter-disciplinary committee who will steer the activities of the centre. The committee for 2017-18 is:

Dr Charlotte Stagg (Chair; SCR)
Ms Ainslie Johnstone (Secretary)

Dr Adam Al-Diwani (MCR)
Ms Kirsty Clark (JCR)
Ms Anna Geissmann (JCR)
Ms Georgina James (JCR)
Mr John Logan (MCR)
Prof. Paul Matthews (SCR)
Ms Caroline Nettekoven (MCR)
Mr Jack Oldbury (JCR)
Ms Jeanne Marie Ryan (MCR)