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Climent giving a tutorial to students at St Edmund Hall

Professor Climent Quintana-Domeque edits special journal dedicated to Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton

The special issue of Review of Economics of the Household will be published in March

25 Jan 2018

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Václav Janeček

DPhil student publishes a research monograph on legal responsibility

Congratulations to Václav Janeček (DPhil in Law) on his recent publication

18 Jan 2018

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Centre for the Creative Brain talk now online: Is Seeing Believing?

Dr Anthony Atkinson discusses the perception of emotion from body postures and movement

5 Jan 2018

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Professor Keith Gull with Professor Frank Trentmann, at the 2017 Emden Lecture

‘Humans and their Stuff’: Emden Lecture 2017 now online

21 Dec 2017

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Lucy Kissick and Ben Fernando with their posters at the Oxford NERC DTP in Environmental Research student conference

Environmental Research students win Elsevier travel grants

15 Dec 2017

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Charlie Stagg with the other Early Career Researcher Prize winners, and Prof. Illana Gozes, who awarded the prizes, and Prof. Hagai Bergman, President of ISFN

Dr Charlotte Stagg receives Sieratzki UK-Israel Early Career Researcher’s Prize

14 Dec 2017

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Copies of 'Royal Responsibility in Anglo-Norman Historical Writing' by Dr Emily A. Winkler

Dr Emily Winkler launches new book

11 Dec 2017

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Left to right: Dr Paul LeClerc (Voltaire scholar and former President of the New York Public Library), Professor Nicholas Cronk, Professor Caroline Weber (Professor of French Literature at Columbia University), Miles Young (Warden of New College)

Voltaire’s birthday fundraiser in New York

21 Nov 2017

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Cover of the report, 'What’s changed for Syrian refugees in Turkish garment supply chains?'

What’s changed for Syrian refugees in Turkish garment supply chains?

6 Nov 2017

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Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz giving a presentation during the workshop

Workshop addresses private sector responsibilities towards Syrian refugees

22 Oct 2017

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Logo for Ex Aula, the MCR's online research journal

2017/18 Teddy Hall MCR Writing Competition open

20 Oct 2017

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Prof. Philipp Podsiadlowski talking about gravitational wave astronomy at the 2017 St Edmund Hall Research Expo

Professor Podsiadlowski involved in research around gravitational waves

19 Oct 2017

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The cover of a report on participation in apprenticeships globally, by Maia Chankseliani et al

Government apprenticeship schemes ‘fragile’, according to new research

18 Oct 2017

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A vocational training centre run by Yuva Parivarthan

MCR 50th Anniversary Grant Report: Sneha Menon

2 Oct 2017

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Statue of St Edmund, by Rodney Munday

College Chaplain to publish monograph on the Life and Legacy of St Edmund

25 Sep 2017

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David Dupret

Professor David Dupret given Boehringer Ingelheim FENS Research Award 2018

12 Sep 2017

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Yi-Sheng Chen giving a presentation at the Microscopy & Microanalysis conference

Microscopy and Microanalysis

6 Sep 2017

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A figure illustrating the geological life cycle of islands

An evolving outlook: new insights on island biogeography

5 Sep 2017

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Dung Beetles

‘Dung Beetles: We Should All Talk More About Poo’ judged to be best ‘Ex Aula’ article

2 Aug 2017

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Thomas Kittel at Yale University

American Manuscripts and Medieval English

26 Jul 2017

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Peter Bruce

Professor Peter Bruce FRS awarded Hughes Medal by Royal Society

18 Jul 2017

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Mauro Pasta with the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, during the assembly of the Accademia dei Lincei

Dr Mauro Pasta receives Piontelli Prize

11 Jul 2017

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The Oxford team at QEM 2017

MCR 50th Anniversary Grant report: Jiale Wang

11 Jul 2017

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John Dunbabin (with Nick Thomas-Symonds) and his 'Lifetime Achievement Award' from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History

John Dunbabin receives ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’

6 Jul 2017

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