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A graph showing estimated probability of infection against probability of being tested. It shows probability of being tested increases from 0 to 1 as the probability of infection increases from 0 to around 0.3, and shows the probability of being tested dropping from 1 to 0 as the probability of infection goes beyond 0.75

Testing in a Pandemic

25 May 2020

What is the best way to use our limited capacity for infectious disease testing? This blog discusses how lives can be saved by optimal adaptive targeting of tests.

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Boris Johnson with a microphone in hand stands on a stage in front of a sign saying No Heathrow

Did the Court of Appeal ‘Kill Off’ the Heathrow Third Runway?

19 May 2020

In February 2020 debates about the third runway at Heathrow took a new turn, but did the Court of Appeal really ‘kill off’ the proposal?

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Working from home setup of College Assistant Librarian.

Don’t Stop! Your Reading! Hold on to that Fielding!

13 May 2020

Our Assistant Librarian, Sophie, updates us on the lengths the library team are going to ensure as comprehensive a service as possible is provided during ‘the weirdest Trinity Term most of us can remember’

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Seago Painting of the English coastal landscape

A Coastal Mystery

6 May 2020

One of the best loved pictures in the college’s art collection is a coastal scene by the English landscape artist Edward Seago. However, despite many suggestions, the precise location of the scene is unknown. Can an…

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Holman Hunt May Morning on Magdalen Tower

A May Morning Portrait

1 May 2020

On one day in any given year (other than this), tens of thousands flock to the roads and gardens surrounding Magdalen College, Oxford, at six o’clock in the morning to hear the choir sing.

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Hobbe's Leviathan

Censorship and Information Control

28 Apr 2020

For the past couple of years, I have participated in a similar comparative exercise run from the University of Chicago.  This brings together people from a wide range of disciplines and occupations – historians, ant…

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St Edmund Hall's Chapel and Old Library

340 Years of the Chapel and Old Library

19 Apr 2020

At the start of this most odd of terms, it’s nice to be able to celebrate something – the birthday of the Chapel and the Old Library.

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Make Your Own Pi

14 Mar 2020

March 14th is Pi Day, and as of 2020 is also the official UNESCO International Day of Mathematics.

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Line drawing of Sophie Scholl by Isabella

How Should You Remember an Icon? The Story of Sophie Scholl

8 Mar 2020

How do we talk about individuals and groups who resisted Nazism? How do we do justice to the complexity of their lives and actions? Dr Alexandra Lloyd (Fellow by Special Election in German Studies) examines the case of Sophie S…

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Conservative politicians Margaret Thatcher and William Whitelaw campaigning for EEC membership in 1975

Britain, Europe, and Politically Convenient Myths

4 Mar 2020

Mikko Lievonen discusses Britain’s entry into the European Economic Community in the 1970s.

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Zac Cesaro (2nd year DPhil in Engineering Science) working at UK Demonstrator, in front of electrolyser and Haber-Bosch synthesis loop.

From Fertiliser to Fuel

25 Feb 2020

As the world seeks pathways to rapid decarbonisation, an old technology is gaining new attention as a carbon-free fuel. This month the BBC covered a special Royal Society report focused on using “green ammonia” fo…

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St Edmund Hall Copy of Uni statutes

You Shall Not reveal the Secrets of It: The St Edmund Hall Copy of the University Statutes of 1634

19 Feb 2020

A rather guilty pleasure whenever I have to fetch a book from the Old Library is to examine those on either side on the shelf, which is how, when looking for one of the early catalogues of the Old Library last summer, I first c…

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Student searching for book in St Edmund Hall Library

RE: Search

12 Feb 2020

How much do you know about how to find things in the library? Do you know your section like the back of your hand? Do you do your browsing in person or on SOLO? Do you stick to your reading list like a baby sloth to a tree or b…

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Russian Revolution poster in 1917 welcoming the the third communist international

Russian Revolutionary Posters

4 Feb 2020

An explosion of images accompanied the Russian Revolution. Posters were an important feature of the historical landscape: over 3,600 posters were designed and printed in millions of copies between 1918 and 1921, the period of C…

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Flagon - college Silver at Teddy Hall

A History of Teddy Hall Silver

29 Jan 2020

During John Mill’s principalship, students were encouraged to leave to the Hall either a book for the library or an item of silver.

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The 21st Century Global Economy

22 Jan 2020

The world changed dramatically in the latter part of the 20th century. The conclusion of the Cold War at the end of the 1980s heralded a period of not only profound political but also economic change.

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12 Days of Christmas Puzzles

2 Jan 2020

Over the Christmas period we ran a Christmas puzzle challenge on our social media channels. Due to their popularity, we have compiled them all here and provided more for everyone to try in case you missed the posts.

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Diagrams of snowflakes from Hooke

Johannes Kepler on Snowflakes or what to give someone who has everything

4 Dec 2019

As Christmas approaches I find myself again, as every year, wondering rather desperately what to give friends and family. This is also the dilemma that led to the writing of one of the rarest examples of early scientific writin…

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Disorder Quantum Affect Blog

How does disorder affect Quantum Systems?

27 Nov 2019

In this blog, Isabel Creed discusses the basic principles behind her research into how disorder affects Quantum Mechanical systems.

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Tryptich in the Chapel at St Edmund Hall

Triptych – our connection to the medieval Hall

20 Nov 2019

The college is fortunate to own a late medieval triptych which, after a number of years hidden from view, has returned to permanent display in the Ante-Chapel. The triptych originates from the southern Netherlands and dates fro…

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King Arthur & St Edmund

King Arthur & St Edmund: An Exhibition Summary

5 Nov 2019

Partly for the challenge. One of the fun things about putting together a display of books in the Old Library is thinking of ways that different books, and their illustrations, bindings, annotations and previous owners illustrat…

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Eye of Proterozoic

The History of the Earth at an Arms Length

30 Oct 2019

I study the origin of complex life. I want to understand why it took so long to go from simple single cell organisms, such as amoebas and algae, to things like multicellular organisms like plants and animals. I do this by exami…

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St Edmund Statue and the church

St Edmund of Abingdon and the Origins of the Medieval Hall

22 Oct 2019

Dr Emily Winkler on the naming and the origins of St Edmund Hall.

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Mason's Bill for Bogg House

Charity begins at home

14 Oct 2019

Rob Petre, College Archivist at St Edmund Hall delves into life into the oldest record at the Hall.

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An introduction to research in Computational Complexity Theory

26 Jun 2019

Professor of Computer Science and Senior Research Fellow at St Edmund Hall, Leslie Ann Goldberg introduces computational complexity theory.

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Memorial to the White Rose by the artist Robert Schmidt-Matt on the Geschwister-Scholl-Platz outside the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich

‘Long live freedom!’ – Student Resistance against the Nazis

19 Jun 2019

German tutor Dr Alexandra Lloyd discusses the White Rose, a group of students and their professor who defied the Nazis.

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Peter Farmer's Coppellia, Birmingham 1995

The Art of Ballet: The Peter Farmer Collection at Teddy Hall

12 Jun 2019

Professor Jonathan Yates, our Picture and Chattels Fellow, discusses the College’s collection of works by esteemed ballet and set designer, Peter Farmer.

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Inset of John Speed's Map of Oxfordshire

'Neat and commodious': Some views of Teddy Hall and Oxford

5 Jun 2019

Librarian James Howarth discusses some of the images of St Edmund Hall and University from the College’s collection

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The so-called Oriel Fathers of the Oxford Movement – Manning, Pusey, Newman, Keble and Wilberforce – but Manning was a Christ Church man.

"Pusey's Henchman": a Tractarian at the Hall

29 May 2019

Archivist Rob Petre discusses Henry Parry Liddon’s time as Vice Principal of the Hall from 1859 to 1862.

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I Guess the Rains Down in Africa

21 May 2019

Stipendiary Lecturer in Physical Geography Callum Munday discusses Toto, droughts and how we can better predict the future of rainfall in Africa.

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